Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 28

Well today definitely started off oddly, I had gotten up earlier as I had a doctors appointment and so everything was going as expected till I actually got out to my car and tried to start it up with absolutely no luck at all, it is a very cold day today and I don't really get out too often these days so I imagine that is what has done in my car at the moment.  So after about 10 - 15 mins of playing around with it trying to get it started I tried calling a few people who I knew I could ask for a ride but none of them were home so with only about 10 minutes before my appointment was supposed to start I figured I should at least call the doctors office and let them know I wouldn't be there however once I got connected with the receptionist and conveyed my message I found out that the doctor I was supposed to see wasn't in that day and that according to their records my next booked appointment wasn't until the middle of February so it all worked out in a strange sort of way.  Anyway as for yesterday I was indeed able to accomplish my goal and then some this time, I finished the exercises and even spent some extra time playing around with the code to try a few things on my own.  It was really nice to get back into some actual coding and realize again how much I actually do enjoy doing it.  I also accomplished my goal for the week last week as I missed 2 days but managed to meet my goal on 5 days (unless my count is off but I don't think so) so that is good and it is an improvement over last week which is also nice to see, so for this week my goal is going to be 6 of 7 days and try to keep that improvement going.  I am now finished the first section and so am moving onto the second which means back to more textbook reading, I am a little worried about this part as if memory serves this is one of the driest chapters so I am hoping my recent re-exposure to actual coding will help get me going and working through it.  To be clear and specific my goal for today is to get started on reading the second section of my textbook.

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