Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Day 29

Well I was able to accomplish my goal for yesterday and got started on the reading for the next section of my course so that is definitely a good start to the week.  It is pretty dry reading so far but I can definitely see how it is quite important as it is detailing the core means of interacting with Direct X, which is the main piece of software used in graphics programming, so I am doing my best to try to keep myself focused.  My goal for today is to continue reading the textbook for my course.


  1. Great job.. isn't it nice to accomplish your goals on time. I know I have a hard time trying to finish things when I plan too. I find blogging help motivate me to do things as I don't want to let down my readers :) Not that I have many readers but it's still a great way to motivate to finish my goals.

  2. hahaha yeah I know what you mean Kenny, it's partly just the fact that it is open to the public and anyone can read it that I find helps me regardless of if anyone really is reading it or not