Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Change in Direction and Purpose of this blog

I know that so far on this blog I have mainly been talking about random things that I enjoy or have found interesting but I think with the new year upon us I want to try to do something a little different with this blog.  I don't know if it will work but I think it is something that I need to at least attempt or else I will regret not at least having made the effort.   I haven't really mentioned very much personally on this blog so far as I have problems with self-esteem and being very negative at times especially in regards to myself and that is something that I decided I did not want to bring with me on my foray into the online world and so in order to achieve that I have pretty much avoided the subject altogether.  I bring it up now as I am going to try to start a short daily blog in the hopes of using it to keep me motivated toward my larger goal of starting to see some positive forward progression in my life and as such some of the things I have to say may be a bit more on the personal side as these blogs are going to be mainly for me to track my progress and keep me motivated.  I will still write up some blogs about things that interest me at times but hopefully for the next while this is going to be focused on the daily blog. 


  1. Hey Steven.. I use to do the same thing with my blog.. hardly ever said anything personal but as time went on I found the blog a great place to vent or to get my thoughts out on a topic. And lately I've really been doing that. Of course I keep some things personal as they don't need to be said in a public blog but I do find it very therapeutic chatting to my blog about my inner thoughts.. good luck with that.

  2. Thanks Kenny, you do an incredible job with your blog and it is one of the things that encouraged me to give this change in format a go