Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Internet Law of Proximal Awesomeness

Considering how long I have been using the internet I'm surprised that I really haven't taken much of an interest in web communities or web projects until recently.  I had never watched a webseries before watching the Guild a few months ago, nor had I ever been involved with web communities beyond in-game stuff such as my guild in World of Warcraft.  I knew of and had listened to a few podcasts before but I had never known anything about live webcasts till I heard/attended my first Tech Barbarians show.  Through all of this the one thing that has surprised me when I think about it is that so far I have yet to come across anything in my web journey that I haven't enjoyed or that has made me think to myself "Man I wish I hadn't wasted my time on that" and so that got me wondering how that happened as I have no doubt there is plenty of crap on the internet.  Which got me thinking how have I managed to find so many incredible projects and people, has it just been luck or is there something else I've missed or just not noticed and it was thinking about this that led me to what I have decided to call my Internet Law of Proximal Awesomeness.  This law states that when you find someone who has created/produced something awesome on the internet, take a look at the people that they choose to surround themselves with both literally and figuratively as there is a high chance that they are going to be awesome themselves.

  I'll use my own experience thus far to illustrate how this law works itself out.  The Guild as I mentioned was what started my own journey and so it and its awesome creator Felicia Day became my starting point or awesome project/creator as mentioned in the description above (quick side note if you have not seen the Guild please go see it here).  From the Guild I discovered the Guild Community which is the first web community I have really been a part of, and from them I discovered the Knights of the Guild Podcast(link) which is an amazing podcast devoted to the Guild which is hosted by two people who worked on the show and so have a lot of behind the scenes info and stories to share.  I also discovered and attended my first live webcast of a podcast through the Guild Community and that was Tech Barbarians(link) which I really enjoyed and have attended every subsequent show that I have been able to, also it was through one of the hosts of Tech Barbarians, Chris Pope, that I have become a big fan of OnVox(link) which interviews voice actors and talks about that industry.  My next discovery was The Legend of Neil(link) which was created by Sandeep Parikh who plays Zaboo on the Guild, Legend of Neil is a very funny if somewhat twisted parody of Legend of Zelda.  This leads to my most recent discovery, Team Unicorn through Michele Boyd who plays Riley on the Guild, Team Unicorn is a group of 4 girls (Michele Boyd, Clare Grant, Milynn Sarley and Rileah Vanderbilt) who are all strongly interested in gaming/scifi/fantasy/comics/etc and are challenging the idea that there aren't girls who are seriously interested in those things.  They have created a music video and a fun holiday zombie PSA so far both of which I would highly recommend and you can find on their Youtube channel here.

So if you are looking for something new on the internet I'd recommend trying out my Internet Law of Proximal Awesomeness as you never know what you'll find!