Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 20

Well I just realized that I hadn't actually sat down to write up my blog post for the day, I got up later then I have been and so it kinda threw off my apparently still quite fragile semi-schedule, and so even though it is now quite late in the day I figured I should still try to write up something at least for reference on yesterday since it is a little for aiming for anything for today.  As for yesterday I didn't end up getting started on the lab project since I ended up going out for a little bit and then for supper with my parents to celebrate my mothers birthday which is coming up, if that had been it I think I probably would have still managed to get some work done on it, however my friends ended up stopping by so I ended up talking to them for most of the night.  So while I didn't in fact get any of my work done it still ended up being a good day and still productive in its own sense as it is quite rare these days for me to have a chance to sit down and talk to my friends as most of them have either moved away or we have just lost touch completely.  Anyway I'll take another shot at getting my lab project started tomorrow.

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