Thursday, January 06, 2011

Day 3

Well I didn't quite get everything that I wanted done yesterday, I manage to get through some more of my course work but not quite as much as I would have liked but I am still just getting started and I need to realize and accept that there are going to be days when I don't get everything that I wanted done but that especially at the moment it is more important to stay focused on what I have been able to do and keeping pushing forward.  I also didn't get around to finishing what I had started the first day but that doesn't really surprise me as it is honestly something I expected to have some difficultly with as it is a thank you email I am writing.  As I have mentioned before I tend to have a lot of problems with self-esteem and that usually leads to me being rather hesitant about really putting forward my own view or opinion on things, however it is exactly to work on overcoming this that I have gotten involved in Twitter and other web based communities.  Thank you notes specially to actors/writers/etc are still tough for me as I really don't want to disturb people who I am sure very busy but at the same time feel that it is a cop out and not really fair to withhold my thanks to people who definitely deserve it simply because of my own personal problems, which is why lately I have been pushing myself more to actually go through and send them although especially for longer ones such as email it will take me awhile as I know I am going to worry about how I am phrasing what I want to say.  Well that is just something that was going through my mind yesterday/this morning and I thought I'd get it down in this blog.  Moving on to today my goals are going to be fairly similar to yesterdays and probably for awhile as right now I think that constant progress is more important then trying to find new things to try to do each day, start small and work my way from there and see what I can build.  See you all tomorrow

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