Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day 2

Well this is the second day for my new daily style blog and I've realized something after starting at the new post screen for awhile and that is don't convince yourself you need titles when you are going to be doing something daily unless you are really clever with that sort of thing.  Anyway moving on from that my goal from yesterday was to actually clear up a few things that I had been meaning to do but just hadn't gone around to doing and I managed to get most of them finished, one of them is still in progress but it is the one that required the most effort so I am glad that I was able to at least get it started and I hope to have it finished today.  Beyond that I am hoping to get through some more of an online course that I have kicking around unfinished for awhile now, I am hoping to finish listening to the audio lectures and move onto the textbook reading and if I am feeling ambitious I might try to get started with my exercise by hopefully getting onto the treadmill we have for a little bit.  Well I think that is all for today, until tomorrow. 


  1. Congrats on moving forward.. baby steps are the key. You need to set obtainable daily goals. But that doesn't mean you don't push yourself but you also don't want to plan to much in one day because if you can't finish it then you get disappointed and discouraged... which is the last thing you want. Does that make sense.. sounds better in my head :) Anyways keep up the progress.

  2. Hahaha yeah it makes sense at least to me, but I know how you feel I've been in the same situation where something sounds perfect in my head but when I type it out it just seems off. Thanks for the comment hope you are doing well