Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 17

Well I was able to meet my goal once again yesterday, I really think that focusing on a particular time for me to do my reading helped as it helped avoid the "I don't feel like it, I still have time, I'll do it later" thought pattern as I had a certain time frame in mind so that when I hit that time frame I could go "okay this is when I set out to do it, so let's get it done".  So I think I am going to aim for consistency and see I can make this a regular occurrence as I am almost done with the reading for this chapter and then can move onto the first lab project which should be more interesting as it is getting back into actual coding.  So to be clear my goal for today is to again get some reading done in the afternoon around 4 or so.


  1. Wow..didn't realize how far behind I have fallen on reading blog.. all caught up now.. looks like you're a hit and miss from day to day. Are you finding that the blogging is helping motivate you?

  2. I think so maybe not directly at the moment but it is helping me to notice things that have either helped or hindered me and so using that to try to refine my goals for the next day