Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 66

Well once again I realize that I missed a day of getting a blog post up and I have really been struggling a lot more then usual against this apathy and inaction that has become the hallmark of a lot of my days lately.  As for yesterday I also didn't get a blog post up as I really wasn't at my computer for most of the day which was unusual as I had bought the first season of a TV show called Community while I was out on Saturday and started watching it as I had been feeling fairly down and depressed and just got completely sucked into it so I ended up spending pretty much all day yesterday watching all the episodes and special features especially since the DVD set included cast/crew commentaries on every episode and I think I have mentioned before that that is above all else what I look for and enjoy most as a special feature so by the time I finished watching it all I was quite tired and it was fairly late so I just went to bed and only really realized I hadn't written a blog post this morning.  So that was pretty much my weekend as for this week I don't know I am trying to get myself going but just haven't gotten there yet.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Steven,

    If you don't mind me saying, from what I have seen in your posts, you seem to feel more down when you watch excessive tv and video games.

    I would suggest trying to focus on more productive things, even if its housework,
    your programming course, exercise, volunteering, work ect.....

    Be determined to have a good day tomorrow, I hope you will.

    - ISH