Saturday, November 06, 2010

Where to Start

Well I have been thinking of starting this blog for awhile now and just never quite gotten around to it so I finally decided I needed to just sit down and start thing and worry about whether or not it is any good later.  I've thought of a number of things I could add or include in this blog but I figured the best place to start would be why I am starting this blog in the first place especially if I have had such a hard time sitting down to write it.  I am starting this blog as part of a desire to push myself towards expanding my boundaries which I imagine requires some explanation.  For most of my life I have always have problems with self-confidence and self-worth which in the past year or so have become quite serious to the point of severely limiting what I actually do with my time and my life.  It is because of this that I decided to start this blog to post some of my thoughts and opinions for whoever is interested which is something I usually shy away from as I often don't think my opinions on things matter, so this along with trying to join into some web communities is a first small step towards breaking out of some of the things that have been holding me back.

So far I have only really joined one web community at Watch the Guild which has been going alright so far but I am awful at judging these things but at least it is a start.  On a side note if anyone hasn't seen the web series The Guild I'd highly recommend it as it is very funny and entertaining, you can watch the episodes either on MSN Video, You Tube or there own website at Watch the Guild.  The show is about a group of gamers that play an MMORPG and what happens when they meet each other outside of the game.  Each episode is about 4 - 6 minutes long so if you haven't seen it I'd recommend giving it a shot even if you aren't a gamer yourself.  Well I think that pretty much covers what I wanted to say in this introductory entry, I don't expect many people will end up reading this but if you do feel free to leave any comments you may have on it.

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  1. Welcome to Blogger.. it's a great place to get your thoughts out, share exciting news, or anything else what to share. Don't worry about how many people follow or read it. I blog for fun.. I mean yeah it's nice when folks read it and comment but it's not why I do it.