Friday, November 12, 2010

My Morning with Stargate Universe

I consider myself to be extremely fortunate that I was able to attend the taping of the Innerspace SGU (Stargate Universe) Special this morning especially since the entire cast of the show was going to be there.  Although it ended up taking me longer then I had hoped to get there due to traffic it was an amazing experience.  I had never been to any kind of filming of anything before nor had I ever had the opportunity to meet any of the actors that I have admired so as you can imagine I was quite excited this morning.

When I first got to where they were doing the taping there was already a respectable line formed for getting in and I was a little worried at first that the studio might fill up before I got in since I hadn't the slightest idea how big the studio was or how many people they needed for the audience but I got in without any troubles.  Once I got into the studio itself I got to my seat and not long after that one of the hosts of Innerspace came onto the stage they had setup and welcomed us all and we then got to watch the newest episode of SGU (which is an amazing episode).  After that they began to setup for the live taping and it was interesting to see them getting everything ready and then one of the managers came out and gave us all a few instructions for the taping what we couldn't do and when we should and shouldn't applaud.  I won't go into any detail about the actual show itself as it is going to be on tonight at 10pm EST on the Space Channel and I'd highly recommend anyone to watch it then.  What was interesting was watching during the breaks in filming where I imagine the commercials will be watching the SGU cast interacting with the audience and talking amongst themselves while the crew for Innerspace were doing any necessary changes for the next section.

After the filming for the special was finished a bunch of the cast of SGU stayed to sign a cast photo that was provided to those of us that wanted to stay for the signing.  Although watching the new episode early and getting to see the filming of the special was interesting, it was getting to meet a lot of the cast face to face and get them to sign a photo for me that was really the highlight of the experience.  I really wasn't sure at all what to expect as like I mentioned earlier this was the first time I'd ever met any celebrities or gotten any autographs for anyone, but all of the cast that I met were incredibly friendly.  I got to shake hands with Brian J Smith, David Blue, Jamil Walker Smith (who despite being gruff and menacing in SGU is an amazingly nice guy) and Ming-Na which was wonderful, I got a high five from Alaina Huffman which was awesome and got to briefly say hello to Elyse Levesque and Louis Ferreira and I have a cast photo signed by each one of them.  I feel incredibly honored to have had the chance to meet them and think it is great that they stayed to do this for the fans despite I'm sure being exhausted from flying into Toronto and appearing on another show before the taping of the special I was at.

Ever since I started watching Stargate Universe I have enjoyed it since the show really focuses on the characters within it all of which are interesting but also flawed each in their own way which makes it a lot easier to connect to them and really helps drive the tone of the show.  I don't think I really started to love the show as much as I do now until I started listening to the cast commentaries on the first season DVDs as they just showed how connected the cast was as they would comment and cheer for the different actors as they appeared in the show regardless of how large a role they played in the actual series and it is probably because of that that I think SGU is the only show where I know the names of all the actors as well as the names of their characters even for most of the secondary characters and I think that says a lot about the cast and why the show is as amazing as it is.  If anyone hasn't checked out Stargate Universe even if you haven't seen any of the previous series or aren't usually a fan of science fiction I'd recommend giving it a chance as the characters themselves are incredibly compelling.  Well this has certainly gone on rather long so I'll conclude it here by saying thank you to the Space Channel and Innerspace for doing this special and thank you to the cast of Stargate Universe for coming to do it and for creating such an amazing show that I love all the more now.


  1. Very cool. Wish I lived in TO to get a chance to be there in person but I'll have to settle for watching this on the Space channel tonight. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Brilliant. I wish I could have gone myself. It's nice to be able to read what happened and hear such support for a show I also love. Thank you.