Saturday, November 06, 2010


I was originally going to mention this in my earlier first post but as I thought about it I figured it made more sense to create this as its own entry.  Twitter was one of the social networking tools I had considered when I decided I wanted to stretch myself by trying to get involved in web community but I initially dismissed it.  I don't have a lot of friends nor am I very socially active and so for someone like me it seemed kinda pointless.

It wasn't until recently when I was watching an interview that Felicia Day did that something she said made me think of a good use I could put Twitter to.  She had mentioned that one of the things she liked about Twitter was that it allowed more of a direct connection with her fans.  This got me to thinking that it could also be used in reverse for fans to give feedback to people they wouldn't normally have any real communication with.  Because of this I have since joined Twitter and decided that since I tend to watch a lot of TV shows I would use it to basically say thank you to the actors and writers of the shows I enjoy.  So these days if I watch a show or movie or anything I really enjoy I will send a quick message to the actor/writer/show if they are on Twitter saying that I enjoyed it whereas before I would merely think "wow that great" and that would be it.  Now I am well aware that a lot of these people probably get tons of messages, and there is a good chance that they may never actually be seen and just lost in the stream of other messages they receive and that it is even less likely that if they are seen I will not get a reply.  Which is completely understandable as I know that if I was in that position I would do the same thing and I am sure that the vast majority of people would as well.  That is why I try to make sure that everything I say or sent on there is first of all true and second is indeed to send feedback and not just sent to try to get a reply.  So my rule of thumb has become before I send anything I ask myself if it is something I would want a stranger to say about me or something I'd done and if the answer is no then I either don't send it or try to re-word it so that it would be appropriate as I am sure the people I am sending messages are very busy and so don't deserve to have their time wasted with pointless messages.  All that being said I think it is a great way for us the fans to give back to the people whose work we enjoy and I know on the few occasions where I have gotten a reply it has meant a great deal to me.

 The one thing I can say I honestly did not expect when I joined Twitter was just how interesting it was to see what some people would say and how others would respond and so while I started off just following the actors/writers/shows I enjoyed it soon started to include people I just found interesting.  I still really don't know all that much about Twitter but I am actually enjoying it more then I thought it would.

Sorry that this entry has become so long I guess I had more to say then I thought I did.  Anyway if you have any comments please leave them or feel free to comment with why you joined or haven't joined Twitter and what you think of it.

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