Monday, November 12, 2012

How I've been doing

I definitely want to try and update this more often then I have in the past but at the same time I don't want to be trying to post anything if I don't feel like there is a good reason to so I am going to try and go for that and we'll see how it works out.

First of all I would just like to say thank you to everyone that read my previous blog and either commented on it or sent me a message regarding it, it was a tough thing to write but all of your encouragement was very much appreciated.  It has been interesting how the liveathon I mentioned earlier in my blog has kinda shaken up my life and started to get it going a little more again in the best way possible.  I met a bunch of amazing new people was able to get a going again on my blogging a little bit and even went out last night to meet a group of people that I mostly don't know which is not something I would normally do.

Awhile back I gotten into the show Lost Girl and then got to attend a Q&A panel with the whole cast at Fan Expo 2011 and even got to meet most of them later at the convention, as the show was approaching the end of its second season they decided to have a finale pre-show which would air before the finale and they wanted a fan audience for it so they held a contest for tickets to it where they asked people to write a short piece on why they liked the show.  I figured that since I was really enjoying the show I'd write one and submit it but honestly did not expect to win.  While much to my surprise I did win and got to attend it which is where I met a few other big fans of the show and started to connect with them via twitter.  I once again met up with a bunch of them at the Lost Girl panel at Fan Expo 2012 and so when I heard they were going to be having a get together with fans and that it was going to be in my area I debated about going but as I know I am not always the best when it comes to social situations especially in person social situations, however I figured it was probably a good thing to try and force myself to get out and start trying to socialize at least a little outside of the internet and with the support I'd been getting from some of my friends both new and old I figured I would go.  I have to say that I am glad that I did as I ended up having a pretty good time, I was certainly a little nervous especially at first but thankfully there weren't too many people there and everyone was friendly and since we were all there because we liked the show we knew we all had at least one thing in common.  We ended up talking about the show and other shows and a number of things mostly geek related.  I was originally planning on only going for an hour or so but ended up staying there for about 3 and a half hours since I was enjoying myself.

I guess the main thing now is trying to figure out how to try and keep the momentum up and hopefully keep myself moving forward even if it is slowly instead of letting it slow down to a stop even though that is honestly what I'd probably be most comfortable with even if it wouldn't be the best thing for me.

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  1. I'm so proud of you for venturing into the wild world of socialising! Wohoooo!
    When one's been retreating for a while it's that much harder to go out again. You did great :)