Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fan Expo - Thursday

Thursday was the first day of Fan Expo but the convention didn't open until 4pm that day, however those with weekend or premium passes were able to get in 2 hours earlier at 2pm so I had planned to try to get to the convention centre at around 1 - 1:30pm as I really wasn't sure what kind of a line there would be given the gap between the early entry and the normal entry.

I think I managed to get there around 1:15 or so and there was a line already well formed, thankfully it was nice out neither really really hot or cold and miserable so I got into line and was enjoying looking at everyone else around as there was definitely a good mix of people in all sorts of costumes from very large and elaborate ones to very minimal ones and everything between.  So that is pretty much how I passed my time while waiting till we could start getting in, I think I finally got onto the main convention floor at around 2:30 or so which I felt worked out well.  It was definitely interesting walking around especially at first as a number of the stands weren't actually setup and open and a bunch of the others were just starting to get everything out and ready so it was interesting to watch them for a little bit.  So I spent a good little while just wandering around the floor checking out where certain booths were that I was interested in, looked at the celebrity autograph area and just generally was checking things out.

There were only really 2 panels that had looked interesting to me on the thursday both were Q&A panels by two of the celebrity guests one at 4:30 and the other at 5:30 which I figured meant that I'd only really be able to go to one of them as based on what I'd heard about panels at other conventions I was planning on trying to be lined up at least an hour in advance for any of the panels I was really interested in so I opted to go for the 5:30 panel which was a Q&A with Kevin Sorbo which I figured would be interesting as I had grown up watching him as Hercules and then later as Dylan Hunt on Andromeda.  So after walking around and checking out the main floor for awhile I was starting to get a little tired and sore (I have scoliosis in my lower back which means my back tends to get fairly sore if I am standing or walking around too much) and I noticed it was a little passed 4 so I figured I'd go find the room the Kevin Sorbo panel was going to be in and see if there was a line yet for it but when I found the room there was no line but the doors were open and it looked like people were already inside sitting down since the Kevin Sorbo panel was the only panel in that room for today so I went in and got a pretty good seat and just rested for awhile.  One thing I should add here as I mentioned before I really didn't know what to expect from this and as I mentioned my back isn't the best so I wanted to try and avoid having to carry anything if I could avoid it so since this day was a shorter day I figured I wouldn't bring anything and just see what other people brought and get a sense of what I would actually need, and while waiting I realized something to add to that list was a good book as the only thing I had with me was my iPhone which had some audiobooks and TV episodes but the headphones I brought weren't too good so I found it hard to enjoy listening/watching it so I pretty much just sat back and relaxed till it started filling up.  The panel itself was great! Kevin Sorbo was just so down to earth and friendly and it really came across that he was having a good time talking about his experiences with his shows and answering peoples questions, he was also alot funnier then I was expecting but all in all I really enjoyed the panel and it just really increased my opinion of him a great deal.

The panel lasted for about an hour so after I was finished there it was around 6:30 and the convention seemed to be winding down so I decided I would head home as well so that I could be rested for the next day and there were a number of things I wanted to get ready so I'd have them with me for the next day.  All in all though it was great first day and I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to the rest of the convention.

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